Pool Covers, Pool Nets, Leaf Catchers and Solar Heat Covers

Pool Safety Net

• Custom made for every size pool or pond on site.
• An easy system that can be easily fitted and removed by an adult.
• Manufactured from UV treated polyethylene braid and has a breaking strain in excess of 150 kg.
• The Pre-shrunk, machine manufactured, 80mm mesh netting adheres to international safety net standards.
• A Floating device and pulley tensioning system comes standard with each net.
• A child cannot lift or crawl underneath the safety net after the tensioning system is secured.
• 3 year guarantee.

Pool Safety Cover

• Custom made for every size pool or pond, on site.
• Very Durable and made from 550-600 GSM PVC.
• Takes the weight of two adults and a child.
• Saves water while keeping in heat.
• Very clean.
• An average 40m2 pool can lose over 8000 litres of water a month due to evaporation.
• Available in blue and black.

Leaf Catcher

• Custom made for every size pool or pond, on site.
• Keeps your pool clean.
• Comes in Blue, Black and green.
• Please note that this product is not for safety purposes.